Just a story

What’s the meaning of love??


Long time no post.. So many scenes happened in my life. Just like Chitato’s tagline “Life is never flat..!!” hehe

Nowadays, i get a chance to join into a pharmaceutical multinational company. I start my carrer as a sales employee. Because of this job, i met  so many people. Too much experiences that i’vGetty. One of them, is about love…. :mrgreen:

This week, i involved in an induction training for new employees. I get some new friends. Girls and boys. 🙂

Just like all of youth people in the world, an endless story that they’ve is love story. My new  friends gave me this story too. They told me about their romantic story with their partner. I still remember, how shiny their faces when they told me about it, few days ago. Sometime, it made me feel a lil’ envy. kekekekeek 👿

But, what i haven’t understand about love yet, is essence of loving another people who you want to marry. What’s the paramaters to know that my partner really do love me??

The one with shiny face who told me about her story love while shown me the ring in her finger, few days ago, seems change her mind to love a new guy from our’s. The 3 years relationship, is being betrayed just because of a new guy that he has met.

Hmm.. feel sorry for my friend’s love partner. It must be hard if only you known that the girl who you love, has another person in her live.

Hmm…. Life is never flat…!!


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